Just a bit of lace and a few fish

Just a bit of lace and a few fish (Not For Sale)

Painting is my meditation.
When I put brush to canvas or pen to paper the world around me dissolves and I have a single purpose.

I’m inspired by everything around me especially water, reflections, refractions, ripples, bubbles, distortions, things that live on its surface, shorelines and underneath. Water is like my mind, calm one minute and turbulent the next.

I’ve also discovered the sanctuary of origami. The folded paper figures have their own serenity, their own wisdom. They seem to watch the world around them without judging it.

Silent Witness was my first solo exhibition. It was exciting to have hundreds of people view my works and listen to their comments. Several of the paintings were sold but you can still view images of all of them on this web site.

Elemental (Sold on Commission)

Elemental (Sold on Commission)

I’ve started painting again. It’s taken a while since my exhibition to decide what direction I want to take but I feel as if the stars are starting to align themselves. You can share in my thought process on my new blog which I publish on this site. Or you can just view all of my latest works. I hope you enjoy them and I welcome your comments which can be left at the bottom of each blog posting. Thank you.