My Latest Works

Click on any of the images below to launch the gallery viewer.

The gallery viewer gives you an enlarged view. Press → or click on the link to move to the next image. Press the ↓ key to view a description of the art work. Click the small x (top left) or press the <Esc> key to close the viewer and return to this page. Enjoy!


2 Responses to My Latest Works

  1. Mary Brabazon says:

    Hi Rose, I am Deb;s good friend. I am the one that actually set the two of them up……
    I really love the one with the Khoi’s can I dare ask how much it would be. I live in Ottawa as well!

  2. Mary Brabazon says:

    Hello again Ros, your lovely paintings of Deb’s porch at the cottage are amazing, the way you portrayed the water in the flower vase is truly just the way you would see it in real life. My favourite painting is the Panel 1 Waterlillies. Are they sold separately and what would be the cost?

    Mary Brabazon

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