Seeking Gondwana

My approach to painting has always been to let my eye, hand and heart  guide me. For the longest of time, painting landscapes for me meant a semi impressionistic style. While the form was still recognizable, the atmosphere was my real impulse for the picture.

Never one to remain in a box for very long, I  would use whatever style at hand to get my point across. But try as I might I could never let go enough to embark on an abstract piece until recently. For some strange reason, my hand and heart would not cooperate with me when I tried to paint a straightforward landscape.

Red earth and stark blue skies clashing with grey-green foliage sat awkwardly on my canvases. Until I abandoned form and painted the ‘idea’ of Australia…. Gaudy reds and ochres punctuating stark blues and clashing with grey-greens edged with vermillion all reflecting the raucous sounds of an orchestra of gallahs, corellas and kookaburras outside my window, making sure I awaken at sunrise.

So it would appear I am off on another adventure dictated by my inner eye, hand and heart.


About Ros Charron

Painting is my meditation. When I put brush to canvas or pen to paper the world around me dissolves and I have a single purpose. I'm inspired by everything around me but especially by water, reflections, refractions, ripples, bubbles, distortions, things that live on the surface and submerged. Water is like my mind.
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